We are a general contractor with a primary focus on educational facilities. In our first twenty years of business we have built or renovated 87 schools. In addition to schools, we have built or renovated 56 other buildings, ranging anywhere from churches to fire stations to recreation centers. These years of experience give us a unique ability to adjust and adapt to an ever evolving construction market.

Edcon is a company of integrity. They have high standards and they do not compromise these standards. They conduct business in an efficient and effective manner and they pay close attention to details. Edcon’s personnel are extremely competent and knowledgeable. Edcon is a company that is a leader in the industry. They are highly respected and have proven their ability to coordinate major construction projects.

John A. Stehmeyer Director of Building Maintenance and Facilities Lexington School District One

In my experience, the personnel and staff of Edcon, Inc. have been thorough and responsive during the construction process and during follow up and warranty periods. We look forward to continued successful construction projects completed by Edcon, Inc. I would not hesitate to recommend them on any construction project.

Lori M. Long, AIA Project Architect Jumper Carter Sease Architects, P.A.

In the role of general contractor Edcon has produced a clearly designed management plan. The supervision and leadership provided by Edcon’s project manager and project superintendents has been outstanding. It is evident that Edcon is also committed to safety on the jobsite. All safety practices and safe jobsite conditions are closely monitored by the company to provide a safe working environment for all employees.

Jim C. Suber, Jr. Asst. Superintendent for Operations & Administration School District of Newberry County